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Our Philosophy

I want people all over the world to enjoy eating Wagyu beef.

More than 60 years ago, Mr. Shogo Takeda, the founder of Takeda Farm, fell in love with Wagyu cattle. Since then, he has been breeding and raising them to produce Wagyu beef at Takeda Farm in Hokkaido. With his commitment, Takeda Farm currently operates based on 60 years of Wagyu beef production ‘know how’, including breeding to the final stage of fattening.

In 1995, driven by his passion for Wagyu, Mr. Takeda sent genetics from eighty of his female cattle and twelve bulls across the Pacific Ocean to the US. As these genetics were limited, they were treated as a precious commodity. Thanks to his vision, Takeda Farm now sells Wagyu genetics to many countries, providing great support to all purchasers. Takeda Farm continues working hard to realize the hope of its founder, co-operating with other Wagyu beef growers around the world.

Mr. Takeda believes Japan has developed into the country it now is as a result of the generosity and support provided to it in recent history by the rest of the world. Therefore, we at Takeda Farm would like to return this generosity by contributing to improving the capability for beef production in the world. We hope one day Wagyu beef will be recognized and produced in many parts of the world, enriching those food cultures as a result. Working to help make this happen is our mission at Takeda farm, and it also brings us great happiness.

Shogo Takeda
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World Wagyu Conference 2015

World Wagyu Conference 2015

American Wagyu Association

American Wagyu Association



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ID : TFWFW0629 for AU and South Africa Only Limited quantity available. Limited time only. If you are interested, please contact us for details at info@takedafarm.com.au Any questions regarding U.S. Takeda semen, please contact Ted at tnaruke@comcast.net


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